Topic Title: Unhappy Tidings - Dranger of In Da Galaxy (Simple Topic)

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Topic started: 14:57:42 12th Jan 2018

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Etrius Posted: 14:57:42 12th Jan 2018

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Hello everyone.

I know it has been a while since I last have been on, I'm afraid I have found other interests nowadays but it's always nice to hop on and have a look on occasion.

I'm afraid my presence today is not a pleasant one. I've come to inform you all that Dranger (aka Byron) of CiDG/Shadow Guard has passed away this morning according to his family.

I thought that anyone who knew him here would like to know.

If anyone has contact with Drangers older friends in iDG/Swarm of Shadows who now don't play skylords, please pass the message on.

Best regards,


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ReaperOfSouls Posted: 15:17:56 12th Jan 2018

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:( I didn't know him but my condolences.

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MadMax1967 Posted: 15:52:11 12th Jan 2018

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Thanks Deemers I just spoke with him on FB about a week ago and knew he was in bad shape...very sad to hear :(


Hunted Shadow Posted: 20:12:15 12th Jan 2018

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Sorry to hear :( My condolences to everyone who was close with him.

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Cajin Von Sian III Posted: 12:37:08 13th Jan 2018

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Thanks for sharing the news, sorry to hear

Tom Bomadial Posted: 13:22:17 13th Jan 2018

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I wish it was with good news you visited.
The news is appreciated, so thank you.

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Gold Rush Posted: 17:16:59 13th Jan 2018

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Sorry to hear this :(

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Lakamar Sinji Posted: 10:16:49 19th Jan 2018

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Very sad news

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General Stonewall Posted: 15:46:42 19th Jan 2018

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Iiridayn Donator Posted: 23:23:54 23rd Jan 2018

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Thank you for passing this on. He has definitely impacted many players of this game. May he have joy and peace in life to come.

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EL Posted: 21:13:24 25th Apr 2024

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Oh man.. just found this.
Danger was my og buddy when I first started. RIP.

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